How a Dress I Love Changed Everything

Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of a opportunity and strength.
— Betty Friedan
To learn more about me, click  here .

To learn more about me, click here.

Hello. My name is Christine, and I am 31 years old. I already have gray hairs and I don't even have any kids yet. That is, if you don't count my pups. My boyfriend calls them silver hairs. Like that X-Men character. Yeah, OK - nice try.

Any way, I recently tried on a dress that I love that I hadn't worn in three years. To my disappointment, it no longer fit. Like, by a lot. In just three years I had gone up several dress sizes. And to be honest, that's OK. Our bodies change as we age. But what I noticed was that the weight was concentrated in my midsection. And for purely health reasons, that's no bueno.

I've always seen myself as a healthy eater. I eat mostly fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. MOSTLY. That said, I don't make time to exercise. On top of that, as a photographer, most of my time is spent in front of the computer editing, blogging, and responding to e-mails (and...errrr....  snacking on jumbo marshmallows). But as you get older, eating healthy just isn't enough. Being in good shape is a lifestyle, and it requires constant commitment.

But its worth it. Not only for health reasons, but because as women, feeling good about ourselves is part of our sexuality, and that is equally important. Also, as a creative and an entrepreneur, I want my mind to be sharp so that I can think quickly, be resourceful, and dare to make my dreams come true.

So today, I made the very grown up decision to purchase a meal and exercise plan. I have been following Anna Victoria on Instagram for a while (check her out!), and seeing all the wonderful results that her #FBGGirls were getting from her plan. Her Fit Body Guides are only $79.95 if you buy the Meal Plan Guide and the Training Guide together - basically the cost for one month of a gym membership. So buying it was a no-brainer.

I'm really excited! I've already skimmed most of the Meal Plan Guide, and it's so informative, even for someone like me, who has been researching food for most of her life. I'll have a full review in a few weeks once I've started the plan and hopefully seen some results. 

Wish me luck!