The Ups and Downs of Creativity

The creative process is one of surrender, not control.
— Julia Cameron
Featured model:  Gemma Marin  More from this gallery,  here .

Featured model: Gemma Marin More from this gallery, here.

If there's one thing I know about being a creative, it's that

creativity comes in waves.

Whether you're an inventor, painter, photographer, interior designer, graphic artist, or something else from a number of other creative industries, you know that creativity can hit you in the face out of nowhere during the most unexpected times. For example, I often have visions for shoots that come to me right before falling asleep. So. Inconvenient.

That said, as quickly as the creativity hits me, it's even quicker to flee. For me, the hard part is designing a road map to make that vision come to life. Trying to translate what I see in my mind into something I can actually create can be so difficult. Whether it's because I've convinced my self I can't because I don't have a team (yet), or because I'm limited by my budget (for now), or because I simply don't know the first place to start, I find that I often put my dream shoots on the back burner, waiting for the "perfect" moment to work on them.

But what I've learned is that there is no perfect moment. Instead, you have to make space for creativity. When those waves come, let yourself be taken by them. And while on that ride,


be BOLD, and

dare to FAIL.