Getting Things Done with Lists


I have to confess something...

I'm really bad at staying organized.

So although I'm a neat and tidy person, I'm not disciplined enough to create an external organization system for my life and business. Most of my daily routine is in my head, and I have a pretty complex file system in there. 

And no, I'm not just trying to be modest, like people who are in impeccable physical shape but say, "meh, thanks, but I don't work out and I eat pizza every day-" (yeah, OKAY). 

I just didn't grow up with much structure and that didn't get any better as an adult. And as hard as I try to create structure for myself, I just get but so far before I'm back to just winging it.

But... BUT!! I recognize the benefit of writing things down, developing routine, and having a system within which you can be free as a bee to do all the amazing things you're capable of. I recognize this because whenever I get into the habit of making lists, creating some semblance of structure, and committing in some way to a routine, my productivity soars. And with a new business venture in the works, it's time to stop relying on being quite good at winging things. I have to put my big girl pants on and do things I don't love in order to accomplish some very big dreams.

So I'm going to take a different approach this time around. Instead of setting myself up for failure by trying to commit to a bunch of things all at once, I'm going to implement one small change at a time and build good, strong habits that will last forever. And this week, I'm starting with the most adorable weekly planner from Office Depot. It's from their DiVOGA line and is just what I need. It's simple and mostly pretty, as opposed to being very complicated and mostly ugly. Because really all I need for now is a place to organize my daily thoughts and make lists of tasks to accomplish every day. 

And after I feel confident that I've created a good, strong habit of making lists and using those lists, I'll implement another change, and so on and so forth. 

I'll keep you posted. For now, if any organized people out there have some suggestions, bring. it. on. 


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